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Domestic Order Fulfillment & Shipping

We specialize in both domestic and international order fulfillment. For domestic shipments, we provide online sellers with a variety of delivery methods:

  • Economy Lightweight:A reliable, low-cost shipping service for your lightweight packages.
  • Economy Post:A reliable, low-cost shipping service for your mid-weight packages.
  • Standard Ground:Ground delivery service for both lightweight and heavy packages.
  • Expedited:2- or 3-day delivery service for both lightweight and heavy packages.
  • Overnight:Overnight delivery service for both lightweight and heavy packages.

International Order Fulfillment & Shipping

Customs and Importing are our expertise. Our international fulfillment makes it easy and affordable for you to reach new customers across the globe, and to source products with low inbound pricing.

We assist you with the rules and regulations of shipping across borders, and we will send your orders to all countries serviced by the major shipping carriers.

We provide either an Export Declaration Form or a copy of your Export Commercial Invoice, depending on customs’ requirements. We have accurate pricing throughout the entire process, to ensure importing runs smoothly.

Multiple Locations in the U.S.

With increasing costs of shipping and decreasing costs of prices, it is hard to compete, unless you have an edge. We ship over 1 M products per month, and we get the best shipping rates their are to offer.

Skipping the cost of shipping to a central location, can save you and your customers time and money.

eCommerce Fulfillment & Shipping Services

With so many avenues online to sell, it is amazing how we have seen our customers start with a limited amount of products, and grow into a branded multi niche company. Ecommerce shipping should be easy, and we even can connect via API, to your custom system.

  • Low Order Min.
  • Variety of Inventory
  • Branded and Custom Items

Planet Amazing will help make your customer interactions, returns, & shipping easier, while being a cost effective solution.

Customer Reviews

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